Home Made 7.5 Litre Glass Infuser Drinks Dispenser


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About this product

Give your ice cold drinks a refreshingly fruity kick with the Home Made Glass Drinks Dispenser Jar with Water Infuser by KitchenCraft. This rustic, retro drinks jar features a removable infuser. Pack it with fresh fruit and herbs, fill the jar with water and let it infuse to enjoy a mix of natural flavours. It’s also great for fruit punches, cordials and alcoholic cocktails – you can pack the infuser with ice to keep your party drinks invigoratingly cool. It’s great for hot days! With its 7.5-litre (13-pint) storage capacity and easy-to-use dispensing tap, it's fantastic for garden parties, barbecues and other special occasions!


  • RUSTIC GLAMOUR: add vintage flavour to your garden party with this 7.5-litre drinks dispenser jar
  • INFUSER ATTACHMENT: flavour water with fruit and herbs, or pack with ice to retain chill
  • ROBUST AND BEAUTIFUL: it's made of high-quality glass with an attractive embossed finish
  • NON-DRIP TAP: the easy-to-operate tap dispenses punches, cocktails and cordials without mess
  • MORE INFO: infuser is removable for use as a standard drink dispenser. Twelve month guarantee


  • Capacity 7.5L
  • Colour Clear
  • Material Glass
  • Size 25.000 x 18.500 x 31.500