Home Made Set of 2 Labelling Pens

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About this product

Want to give some homemade jam or chutney as a gift? Go that extra distance to make the jars look special, using KitchenCraft Home Made's metallic glass marker pens. These pens are specially designed to write smoothly on glass. You get a gold and silver pen in the set, so you can really go to town with personalised labelling and decorative doodles. They’re not just for jars, though. These ingenious pens will mark just about any surface, so as well as decorating jars, they’re great for labelling CDs and DVDs, writing dates on tin cans, or simply for creating glitzy, metallic gift labels.


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 22.200 x 7.000 x 1.500
  • Care and use Wipe clean only