6pc Kitchen Tool Set with Stainless Steel Universal Box Grater, Clear Measuring Jug with Handle & 4x Onyx Black Bag Clips


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Effortlessly mix, grate, measure and reseal ingredients with this set from KitchenAid including a four-sided grater with box, a batter bowl and food bag clips to help store food securely. There is nothing worse than grating cheese and some of it missing the bowl. With this KitchenAid box grater you'll never waste ingredients again! It features four blades - coarse, medium, fine and slice - to quickly grate cheese, chocolate, breadcrumbs and other ingredients. A storage container slots into the base of the grater to catch grated food, helping to reduce mess and allowing for easy storage. The container is marked with ½ cup, 1 cup, 1½ cup and 2 cup capacities, as well as their millilitre equivalents. The batter bowl is BPA free and features easy-to-read measurement markings in half-litres and US cups. It also features a non-slip handle and integrated pouring spout for easy, mess-free pouring. This bowl is ideal for accurately measuring both wet and dry ingredients, and features a non-slip base for added stability. This bowl has a 1.9-litre capacity. The bag clips securely close snack bags, frozen foods, papers, cookbooks and more. They are constructed from premium-grade materials to withstand rigorous daily use, and have non-slip grips to provide a tight seal.


  • Set includes: 1 x KitchenAid Stainless Steel Box Grater, 1 x Mixing and Measuring Bowl with Handle and 4 x Onyx Black Universal Bag Clips
  • The grater features 4 sides with a slicing blade and fine, medium and coarse grating blades to zip through cheese, chocolate or breadcrumbs
  • The measuring jug has clear measurement markings in cups and litres and has a comfortable handle for easy pour
  • The bag clips measure six centimetres long each and are perfect for snack bags, frozen foods, papers, cookbooks, and more


  • Colour Black
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