KitchenCraft 24cm Crepe / Pancake Pan


About this product

Who hasn’t fallen in love with crêpes, from the very first taste? Crisp, crunchy and cooked to a beautiful golden colour, these thin, delicate pancakes are the authentic taste of France. Good news, crêpe fans. You can make delicious, crêperie-standard pancakes at home, with KitchenCraft’s specialist crêpe pan, which has raised edges to ensure your batter won’t run off the sides. Crêpes take about half a minute to cook, so you need a wide, shallow pan like this to spread heat, quickly and evenly. It’s made of light weight aluminium, which ensures easy flipping. Your crêpes will always release easily from the pan too, thanks to the non-stick coating. And how about this user-friendly detail? Unlike a hot-plate, this pan has an easy-to-follow recipe on the base, so you’ll never struggle to track down instructions. A life-saver if you have unexpected guests and need to make a quick snack.


  • FOR PANCAKE DAY AND BEYOND: use this pan to make delicate, melt-in-the-mouth crepes
  • NON-STICK ALUMINIUM allows for fast, even cooking, and ensures crepes slide right off when done
  • EASY TO HANDLE: lightweight design and snug plastic handle help you flip like a champ
  • RECIPE INCLUDED: no need to track down a recipe. There's one printed on the base!
  • USEFUL INFO: this non-stick pancake pan is dishwasher safe. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Black
  • Material Aluminium
  • Size 24.100 x 41.300 x 3.800