KitchenCraft Chrome Plated Oblong Cake Cooling Tray


About this product

Think of a freshly made victoria sponge… Light and moist, with a seductive filling of fruity jam and smooth fresh cream… What’s been a key ingredient of this breath-taking feat of home baking? The cake rack. Without a good quality cooling tray, your lovingly baked cake will become waterlogged with trapped steam as it cools, resulting in a dense, soggy base. Meaning it’s more likely to end up in the bin than being served for afternoon tea. Whether you’re cooking up a batch of scones, baking a moist banana or carrot cake, or even making your own bread, your kitchen needs this great value cooling rack from KitchenCraft. Unlike cheap, flimsy wire racks, it has a robust build, making it more than a match for ‘big bakes’: large, heavy fruit cakes or weighty loaves, such as traditional rye bread. And with its large size, it’s ideal for baking in batches. No more ‘repurposing’ the grill tray to cool a jumbo batch of cupcakes!


  • COOL BIGGER BAKES: this cooling rack is built for large, heavy cakes and home-baked loaves
  • ROBUST DESIGN: it won't bend or buckle, thanks to its extra-strong metal frame
  • FOR SMALLER BAKES TOO: its close-mesh grid means they won't tip as they cool
  • USE AS A TRIVET: the wire rack protects surfaces when you're serving curry or stew
  • USEFUL INFO: this large baking rack is dishwasher safe and includes a 12 month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Chrome-Plated Wire Mesh
  • Size 45.500 x 26.000 x 1.700