KitchenCraft Dish Drying Mat


About this product

Struggling for space on your sink's draining board? There's no need to perilously stack your prized stemware or counterbalance your best crocks. Roll out KitchenCraft's polyester drying mat on any flat work surface, and you've got yourself a far better solution! A godsend for cramped kitchens everywhere, this washing up drying mat is ideal for apartments, caravans or even the back of motor homes. It has a nice soft surface, which protects fragile mugs, plates and dishes, and will soften any falls if they happen to tumble over. Best of all, it’s super-absorbent, and can even help dishes dry more quickly! This high-quality microfibre mat can hold up to four times its own weight in water, so your wet cups and plates will be shiny and dry in record time. There’s none of those nasty puddles of water either, so your worktops stay clean and hygienic.


  • INCREASE DRYING SPACE: unroll this worktop draining mat to make plenty of room for dishes
  • FAST DRYING: the super-absorbent microfibre can absorb up to four times its weight in water
  • GENTLE ON DISHES: the soft, cushioned design provides protective padding, guarding worktops and delicate glassware
  • SPACE EFFICIENT: this drying mat is a must-have for caravans, houseboats or small kitchens
  • USEFUL INFO: machine washable. Tumble dryer safe. Rolls up for storage. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Grey
  • Material Polyester Microfibre
  • Size 41.000 x 45.500 x 0.700