KitchenCraft Double Sided Blind Duster


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About this product

Sweep your blinds and shutters spotlessly clean! It doesn't take long for the blinds and shutters in your home to get dusty. In little more than a blink, they seem to go from sparklingly spotless to caked with dust. However, with KitchenCraft's microfibre blind duster, you can bring them back to their best just as quickly! This blind cleaner is a real time saver: it features three separate double-sided brushes, so you can clean dust from two slats in one sweep. Each of these brushes is made of high-quality microfibre cloth. It attracts dust more quickly and effectively than a regular polishing cloth. This means you can power through twice the work, with half the effort.


  • CLEAN MULTIPLE SLATS AT ONCE: save time when dusting blinds with this three-prong microfibre duster
  • GOODBYE DUST: the microfibre head attracts and collects dust more effectively than regular cleaning cloths
  • VERSATILE: use it for vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, window shutters, air vents, car heating vents…
  • ADDITIONAL BRUSH INCLUDED: this blind cleaner also features a smaller brush, designed for hard-to-reach places
  • USEFUL INFO: the three-prong microfibre dusters are machine washable. Spares available. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Grey
  • Material Microfibre
  • Size 9.000 x 24.500 x 3.800