KitchenCraft Glass Measuring Cup


About this product

Picture the scene: it’s Sunday morning and porridge is just not going to cut it. Really, all that’s going to get you out of bed is a delicious stack of fluffy American pancakes drizzled with blackberry sauce. So, you scour the internet for the perfect recipe, but – surprise, surprise – the measurements are in cups, and you don’t have cup measures. And your grandma’s famous blackberry sauce recipe? That’s in good-old ounces. A breakfast disaster? Not with KitchenCraft’s glass measuring cup. This miracle tool acts like a stack of American measuring cups, a set of scales, and a portion guide, all in one handy package. The robust glass tumbler is marked with metric, imperial and US volumes, as well as other handy measures, like weight conversions for popular baking ingredients, and even recommended rice portions. So next time you have a pancake craving, leave the calculator on the shelf and grab this cup instead. You’ll save yourself a (metric?) ton of hassle.


  • FOLLOW RECIPES EASILY: switch between imperial, metric and US units for quick-and-easy baking and cooking
  • VERSATILE: flour, sugar, milk, oil - whatever the ingredient, this cup can probably handle it
  • ACCURATE MEASURING: with clear gram, ounce, millilitre, cup, fluid ounce and rice portion markings
  • MICROWAVE SAFE: measure powdered mixes and liquids, mix and then heat, all in one cup
  • USEFUL INFO: includes one compact glass tumbler. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Glass
  • Size 8.8 x 8.8 x 14.7