KitchenCraft Hook Over Cutlery Draining Basket


About this product

Does washing up often feel like you’re building a house of cards? Where one false move could cause the whole lot to tumble down and clatter to the floor? It’s time to take control of that clutter! KitchenCraft’s hook-over cutlery basket is a great start. This clever accessory hooks onto just about any metal dish rack, providing extra space to dry your knives, forks, spoons and other bits and pieces. Best of all, it helps cut down your overall clutter-factor too. When you’re not stacking mugs onto wobbly cutlery foundations, or carefully slotting spoons between plates and bowls, the whole drying-up process becomes neater, tidier and less like a circus act. This cutlery rack is made of robust metal, so it looks great and is designed to last.


  • CUT CUTLERY CLUTTER: this cutlery holder hangs on drying racks to maximise sink space
  • FITS IN SECONDS: simply hook onto wire-style racks to free space for mugs and plates
  • SECTIONED DESIGN: separate cutlery in the three divisions for easy tidying when they're dry
  • ROBUST AND HYGIENIC: the sturdy metal wire frame helps circulate air and stop water puddling
  • USEFUL INFO: fits almost any wire-style dish rack. Comes with a 12 month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Metal
  • Size 19.9 x 9.5 x 12