KitchenCraft Large Wire 28cm Splatter Screen


About this product

What seem like small spatters of oil can soon add up to a stubborn mess in your kitchen. So take action against the grime with this large splatter screen from KitchenCraft. This simple, lightweight tool sits on top of your frying pan or saucepan, trapping any fat or liquid splashes inside, while allowing steam to escape so your food cooks as normal. This means much less mess to clean up, and a safer cooking environment, because your skin, eyes and clothes are protected from spatters too. This wire mesh splatter screen is designed to fit most pans up to 28 cm (11 inches) in diameter. A smaller 20 cm (8-inch) screen, and a larger 32 cm (12½-inch) screen are also available.


  • STOP MESSY OIL AND LIQUID SPLASHES: place this splatter screen on pans to reduce mess
  • SAFETY FIRST: long handle guards hands from oil. Mesh screen shields skin, eyes and clothes
  • LIGHTWEIGHT MESH lets steam escape, so food cooks normally with this frying pan splash guard
  • REALLY VERSATILE: use it as a sieve/sifter, or above boiling pans to steam food
  • USEFUL INFO: fits most pans with a maximum diameter of 28cm (11"). Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Silver
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Size 47.000 x 28.000 x 2.200