Natural Elements Potato Jute Sack


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About this product

There’s nothing like a sack of fresh potatoes from the supermarket or farmers’ market. But if you don’t use them soon enough, they’ll quickly soften, sprout and go bad. But thanks to this potato preserving bag, from KitchenCraft Natural Elements, you can keep your potatoes fresh for longer, with no sprouting. The hessian bag is lined with a blackout material, which keeps light out but lets spuds breathe. So when you next fancy crispy roast potatoes or homemade chips, your potatoes will still be fresh and good to use. And like all Natural Elements products, it’s inspired by nature. A rustic hessian outer layer, marked with the text ‘Potatoes’, will bring timeless, natural vibes to your kitchen.


  • SAVE YOUR SPUDS: stop potatoes from sprouting and preserve freshness with this potato storage bag
  • BLACKOUT LINING: light is bad for fresh potatoes, so it uses a special light-blocking material
  • INSPIRED BY NATURE: made of natural hessian, it will bring agrarian vibes to your kitchen
  • EASY TO STORE: the hessian sack has an easy-access drawstring, and can be hung up
  • USEFUL INFO: measures 24cm square to hold a generous amount of potatoes. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Brown
  • Material Jute
  • Size 25 x 25 x 24