KitchenCraft Nooks & Crannies Washing Brush


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About this product

However big or small the cleaning job, this brush is on hand to get your house gleaming. Why carry round two brushes when you could use one, and still tackle all those household cleaning jobs? KitchenCraft’s nooks-and-crannies scrubbing brush crams two brush heads into one super-useful product, for easy, convenient cleaning. The larger brush head has highly durable bristles, which are great for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, like scrubbing grease off stovetops, deep-cleaning the sink, and even getting into pesky shower door tracks. The smaller head? Its compacted bristles are great for precision tasks, like cleaning grime from around sink taps, and getting into the gaps between wall tiles.


  • THE ULTIMATE GRIME-FIGHTING DUO: reach every nook and cranny with this brush's two cleaning ends
  • JOB DONE: the big brush scrubs bigger areas, while the small brush tackles tight spots
  • ROBUST CLEANING POWER: with durable nylon bristles, it's great for heavy-duty scrubbing and everyday cleaning
  • COMFORTABLE: the extra-long, non-slip handle provides easy reach and allows you to apply serious pressure
  • USEFUL INFO: measures 28cm (11") long. Easy to clean. Odour resistant. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Grey
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 3 x 28 x 5.5