KitchenCraft Plastic 12cm Sieve


About this product

There are some items that no kitchen should ever be without, and a sieve is one of those things. If you’re sieving naturally acidic ingredients, like fruit and berries, this plastic sieve is the tool for the job because it’s non-reactive. This means it won't react with acids and discolour the fruit. It won’t transfer tastes and smells either, so you can use it for different jobs, safe in the knowledge that your rice won’t come out tasting like last seasons’ blackberries. The nylon mesh is also nice and flexible, so it’s really easy to clean when you’re handling pesky ingredients that get caught in the gaps. What’s more, it’s heat resistant to 220°C (428°F), so you can use it while you’re preparing both hot and cold food.


  • LUMPY FLOUR? SOGGY RICE? PULPY ORANGE JUICE? This kitchen essential will 'sieve' the day!
  • NON-REACTIVE NYLON MESH: it's hygienic and great for sieving acidic fruits and jams
  • IDEAL FOR... draining cans of beans, straining homemade kefir, and sifting pulp from smoothies
  • FEATURES: lightweight frame and twin resting arms, with a woven mesh, heat resistant to 220°C
  • USEFUL INFO: perfect for use over pans. Dishwasher safe. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 11.9 x 23.5 x 5.8