KitchenCraft Plastic Fridge and Freezer Thermometer


About this product

Is your fridge giving you a frosty feeling when the electricity bill arrives? Does frozen or refrigerated food seem to spoil too quickly? With KitchenCraft’s Horizontal Freezer / Fridge Thermometer, it’s really easy to monitor fridge or freezer temperatures, which helps to keep electricity costs down, keep food fresh and reduce waste! This simple thermometer sticks to the inside of your appliance, and shows accurate temperature readings on an easy-to-read scale. With no fiddly buttons or expensive batteries, it’s extremely reliable and it couldn’t be easier to use!


  • KEEP FOOD FRESH, SAVE ELECTRICITY: this thermometer helps keep your fridge/freezer at the correct temperature
  • APPLIANCE ACTING UP? Check the easy-read dial marked with ideal freezing and cooling temperature zones
  • STICK, HANG OR STAND: it features suction cups, a standing base and a hanging loop
  • NO BUTTONS OR BATTERIES: it's just a simple, reliable and accurate fridge and freezer thermometer
  • USEFUL INFO: includes KitchenCraft's 12 month guarantee


  • Colour Silver
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 2.600 x 12.300 x 3.100