KitchenCraft Potato Baker


About this product

What’s your favourite jacket potato filling? Spicy coronation chicken? Smooth tuna mayo? Sparky Mexican chilli? Better start deciding, because with this clever gadget, you’ll be craving jacket potatoes for every meal. This miracle potato baker has four sturdy aluminium spikes that send heat rippling through your spuds, warming them quickly and evenly. Forget the bad old days, with all those failed baked potatoes with overcooked outsides and rock-hard centres. Now you can enjoy spuds with lovely, fluffy middles and beautifully crispy skins. (For optimum crunch, coat them with oil and roll in salt before cooking.) Simply pierce your spuds on the spikes, then place in a hot oven. They’ll be cooked through in record time. Now just grab an oven glove, pick up your potatoes, and slather with a tasty topping. Ta-da! An easy, tasty meal, with no clock-watching necessary.


  • BAKED POTATOES DONE QUICK: this gadget's heat-conducting spikes make fluffy jacket potatoes in record time
  • EASY TO USE: simply impale your spuds on the spikes, then pop in the oven
  • FEED THE FAMILY: four spikes mean you can bake up to four potatoes at once
  • STORES NEATLY: when it’s not in use, it folds flat, for safe, easy storage
  • USEFUL INFO: made of fast-conducting aluminium. Comes with a 12 month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Metal
  • Size 12.5 x 12.5 x 14.5