KitchenCraft Rayon Cooking String


About this product

No home chef should be without cooking string. It’s a real helping hand for all sorts of tasks, from securing meats for roasting, to tying sausages, to quick DIY jobs. And it’s a must-have for Sunday roasts and Christmas dinner! KitchenCraft’s cooking twine is made of rayon, so it’s 100% food safe, very hygienic, and impressively durable. And best of all, you get a whopping 60 metres of string, so it offers excellent value for money.


  • HANDY KITCHEN TWINE: tie meat joints to stop them spreading, or secure stuffing in poultry
  • HYGIENIC: KitchenCraft's cooking string is made of 100% food-safe rayon
  • INCLUDES: 60m (197ft) of string, or enough for plenty of Sunday roasts and Christmas dinners
  • ON-CARD CUTTER is always on hand and makes it easy to cut the right length
  • USEFUL INFO: it's ideal for thousands of tasks round the home. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Rayon
  • Size 21.000 x 9.000 x 4.000