KitchenCraft Rubber Jar and Bottle Opener


About this product

Struggling to unscrew the jam jar? There’s no need to wish for bigger biceps. KitchenCraft’s rubber jar opener improves your grip instantly, so removing stubborn screw-on lids becomes an absolute doddle! It’s such a useful gadget, and it’s so simple! Leave those complicated jar-opening contraptions at the back of the cupboard. This piece of grippy rubber opens just about any jar or bottle, and folds up to fit neatly in drawers and bags. KitchenCraft reckons every kitchen should have one. After all, who hasn’t struggled to open a jar or bottle at some point? It’s particularly useful for those with limited grip strength, as it does 90 per cent of the job for you. No slips, just twist and open!


  • GRIP LIKE A SUPERHERO: this gadget makes light work of tight jar and bottle lids
  • BRILLIANTLY UNCOMPLICATED: this not-so-hi-tech rubber mat simply grips onto lids to boost your unscrewing power
  • HELPING HAND: weak wrists? Joint problems? Struggled to open a jar, ever? You'll love it
  • ONE-SIZE-FITS-MOST DESIGN: it measures 15cm (6") wide, so fits almost any screw-top jar or bottle
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: this rubber jar lid opener comes with KitchenCraft's 12 month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Rubber
  • Size 14.700 x 14.700 x 0.100