KitchenCraft Set of Two Orange Peelers


About this product

Oranges are such a juicy and refreshing fruit, and they provide a delicious dose of vitamin C! It’s just a shame that they’re so messy to peel (not to mention the peel that gets stuck under your fingernails… oh, and the squirts of juice in the eye… and…). Shhh. Here’s the solution. These bargain orange peelers from KitchenCraft take away all the hassle and mess that comes with peeling oranges. You’ll wonder why you ever bothered with the fuss of using your fingers! They’re dead easy to use. Simply loop your finger through the hole, then jab the spike into the peel and gently draw it across the orange. The skin can then be peeled right off, while the orange remains intact, like a fruity Christmas present. These peelers are made of robust plastic. You get two in the pack, so it’s a real bargain.


  • A PRACTICAL WAY TO PEEL ORANGES: …and not a sticky finger or thumb in sight!
  • QUICK PEELING: pop one onto your finger, then glide its spike across the fruit
  • TWO INCLUDED: keep one at home, and save the other for work or kids' lunchboxes
  • IDEAL FOR OTHER CITRUS FRUITS: use the peelers on lemons, limes and small grapefruits too
  • USEFUL INFO: these orange peel removers are dishwasher safe. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Orange
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 10 x 14 x 1.3