KitchenCraft World of Flavours Cast Iron Cooking Pot


About this product

Discover a variety of single pot Japanese soups and stews with this traditional nabe pot. Nabemono dishes (or 'things in a pot' - なべもの) are a huge part of Japanese cuisine. Deliciously warming, and served during the colder months, these hot pot meals typically consist of stews and soups. Now, with KitchenCraft's World of Flavours Japanese cooking pot you can explore and discover hundreds of these dishes in authentic style. This small pot is inspired by those used in Japanese cooking for many years. It's made of weighty cast iron, meaning once it's hot, it retains heat for longer. So, you can prepare sukiyaki (すきやき), shabu-shabu (しゃぶ-しゃぶ) and chankonabe (ちゃんこなべ) style dishes, then serve them directly at your dinner table.


  • AUTHENTIC JAPANESE 'NABEMONO': discover simple-yet-delicious hot pot (nabemono) dishes with this sturdy Japanese cooking pot
  • FOR ANY HEAT SOURCE: it's oven safe and suitable for all hobs, including induction
  • COOK AND SERVE: the cast iron body keeps stews deliciously hot at the dinner table
  • PRACTICAL TOUCHES: its natural wood lid traps heat, and it has handles for easy carrying
  • STUNNING GIFT: it makes a great gift for any Japanese food lover. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Black
  • Material Cast Iron
  • Size 23.500 x 23.500 x 9.000