KitchenCraft World of Flavours Oriental Plain Carbon Steel 30cm Wok


About this product

Love authentic Chinese food? This uncoated carbon steel wok is ideal for the fast, high-temperature cooking that’s a hallmark of traditional Chinese cuisine. Just like traditional woks, this stir fry pan is made of robust carbon steel, and is manufactured without a non-stick coating. This tried-and-tested construction is the secret to its authentic cooking performance. Carbon steel retains heat beautifully, for fast, even cooking at high temperatures (essential for that stir fry ‘sizzle’). And the lack of non-stick coating means the wok will develop its own non-stick patina over time, which adds a uniquely smoky flavour to dishes. The Chinese call this ‘wok hei’, meaning ‘breath of the wok’. Embrace this authentic cooking method in your own kitchen, and you’ll bring a new edge to favourites like chow mein noodles, sizzling beef or spicy Szechuan tofu.


  • CAPTURE THE ESSENCE OF CHINESE CUISINE: crank up the heat with this traditional wok
  • ENJOY TRUE 'WOK HEI': the uncoated metal builds up flavours and non-stick properties over time
  • VERSATILE: cook up favourites like sizzling beef, szechuan tofu or classic chow mein
  • ROBUST: heavy-gauge carbon steel is ideal for high-temperature cooking. It's safe for metal utensils too
  • USEFUL INFO: flat base provides stability. Suitable for all hobs (including induction). Ten year guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Carbon Steel
  • Size 50 x 30 x 18
  • SKU: KCOR5