La Cafetiere Edited Premium Double Walled Glass Drip Filter

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About this product

Take a little time out to enjoy a different way of making coffee, with this easy-to-use drip filter. Designed to bring a little calm and luxury to the busy bustle of modern life, this drip filter will allow coffee lovers to indulge in the peaceful ritual of making fine, tasty coffee. It’s easy to use. Simply pour your favourite coffee grounds in to the stainless steel filter before placing it on top of the glass carafe and adding boiling water. The water will gradually work through the filter, infusing with the grounds to create smooth, velvety flavours and wonderful, rich aromas. The glass carafe has a double walled design, allowing it to maintain an exterior temperature that’s comfortable to the touch. It also features a spout to make the coffee easy to pour. Both the fine mesh stainless steel filter and the carafe are dishwasher safe. The filter can also be paired with La Cafetière’s gooseneck pouring kettle, for another enjoyable coffee making experience.


  • Size 24.500 x 13.000 x 24.500
  • SKU: 5200449