MasterClass 450ml Glass Gravy / Fat Separator


About this product

It's not Sunday lunch without lashings of gravy to go with it. But delicious homemade gravy is out of bounds for those who are counting calories. Or is it? The MasterClass Glass Gravy / Fat Separator Jug is perfect for health-conscious gravy lovers. This clever kitchen gadget removes fat from gravy, for a savoury treat that’s just as tasty, and much healthier! This gravy jug has a capacity of 450 ml (16 fl oz), making it ideal for the family dinner table. How it Works The glass jug features an upright spout that's positioned at the base. When you pour in your gravy, the fat and oil float to the top of the jug. Pour your gravy out, and the fat stays put, helping to reduce your fat and cholesterol intake. Easy to Use It’s so easy to enjoy healthier gravy with this fat separator. Simply pour your gravy in, then let it settle as the fat and oil rises to the top. It has a durable curved handle that makes it easy to pour, and is suitable for left or right-handed use. What’s more, its upright spout helps prevent drips. Sturdy, Heat-Resistant Glass Design This handy gadget is more than strong enough for regular kitchen use. It's made of heat resistant borosilicate glass, so it’s safe to use in your microwave too. Not Just for Gravy The jug is clearly marked with cup, fl oz and ml measurements, so you can also use it to measure liquid ingredients, as well as to separate the fat from soups, sauces and stocks! Useful Information — Capacity of 450 ml (16 fl oz / 2cups) — Microwave safe — Dishwasher safe — Comes with MasterClass's 10 year guarantee


  • DELICIOUS GUILT-FREE GRAVY: this clever kitchen gadget separates fat from gravy, helping you cut calories
  • INGENIOUS: fat floats to the top, so only delicious gravy pours from the base spout
  • COMFORTABLE POURING: it's made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, with a curved handle and drip-reducing spout
  • PRECISE SERVINGS: with easy-to-read millilitre, fluid ounce and cup markings, it's great for portion control
  • USEFUL INFO: microwave and dishwasher safe. Ten year guarantee


  • Material Borosilicate Glass
  • Size 7.900 x 14.500 x 12.500