MasterClass Airtight Small Glass Food Storage Jar with Brass Lid


About this product

All too often, keeping food tidy and organised means settling for bland plastic containers with no personality. That’s why Master Class created this luxurious glass storage container. With its crystal-clear glass body and burnished brass-effect lid, it stores food in absolute splendour. Pack it with dry food like pasta, cereal, rice or dried fruit, and watch it turn boring ingredients into an attractive display piece. You’ll want to keep it on show all the time. But what’s style without substance? This jar is a practical space-saving solution, featuring an airtight screw-on lid to keep food fresh, and a handy 700 ml (1¼ pint) capacity. This food storage jar is covered by Masterclass' twelve-month guarantee.


  • ELEGANT FOOD STORAGE: this robust glass jar is topped by a luxurious-looking brass-effect lid
  • PRESERVES FRESHNESS: the metal lid creates an airtight seal that helps keep food fresh
  • PRACTICAL 700ML CAPACITY: store smaller portions of dry food, like sweets, dried fruit, or nuts
  • TRANSPARENT DESIGN: you'll always see what's inside, so you're more likely to use up ingredients
  • USEFUL INFO: this is the smallest of three matching jars. Dishwasher safe. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Glass,Metal
  • Size 10.000 x 10.000 x 12.000