MasterClass Deluxe Professional Black Single Oven Glove


About this product

The MasterClass Heavy-Duty Oven Mitt is a premium-quality, 100% cotton oven glove that’s designed for serious home chefs. It meets relevant British standards for heat protection, so you can handle hot trays and pans with confidence. And with its extra-thick padded quilting and towelled interior, it’s really comfortable to wear. Padded and Quilted – Designed to Last With its one-size-fits-all design, this single oven glove is perfect for any chef. The natural strength of cotton means it resists tears and fraying, so you can rely on it day after day. It makes a great replacement for a tatty, worn oven glove that doesn’t offer the protection it used to. Articulated Thumb Lifting and removing trays and pans with this glove is really easy thanks to its articulated thumb. It ensures you can maintain a tight, firm grasp over heavier pieces of bake and cookware. Extra Long Cuff This single oven glove has an extra-long cuff that ensures they're well protected from heat. Machine Washable This single oven glove is designed to last, so there's no need to worry about stains. It’s machine washable below 40 degrees Celsius. Simply follow the instructions on the label on the inside of the glove. Useful Information — Designed to fit all hands — Conforms to BS 6526:1998 safety standards — Comes complete with MasterClass's 5 year guarantee Oven Gloves from MasterClass You can also find a set of double oven gloves (MCDBGLOVEBLK), in the MasterClass collection. With their heavy duty cotton construction and quilted insulation, they're ideal for removing larger trays, casserole and gratin dishes from hot ovens.


  • DESIGNED FOR SERIOUS HOME CHEFS: confidently handle hot trays and saucepans with this oven glove
  • DURABLE 100% COTTON TOWELLED INTERIOR and extra-thick padded quilting make it safe and comfortable
  • ARTICULATED THUMB: this makes it easy to maintain a secure and firm-but-comfortable grip
  • EXTRA-LONG CUFF: it provides extra protection to your wrists, keeping them clear of hot surfaces
  • USEFUL INFO: conforms to BS 6526:1998 safety standards. Machine washable. Five year guarantee


  • Colour Black
  • Material Cotton
  • Size 34.5 x 15.5 x 3