MasterClass Induction Ready 30cm Wok


About this product

Create sensational authentic oriental cuisine in this large carbon steel induction wok from MasterClass Professional. It’s so durable, you can even use metal utensils without scratching it! Designed to withstand the rigours of commercial kitchens, this wok is a smart choice for professional chefs and dedicated home cooks alike. It’s built to last for years, and boasts an outstanding nano-silica non-stick coating that’s 100% PFOA, PTFE and BPA free. The wok measures 30 cm (12”) in width, so it’s ideal for big portions of sizzling stir fries and moreish fried rice dishes. Three-Layer Design and Riveted Handle for Awesome Durability This wok is constructed from three layers of premium-quality materials, for maximum durability. The outside is made of heavy-duty carbon steel, which helps protect the wok from bumps and scrapes. Its interior is coated with durable ceramic, for excellent heat retention. And finally, the inner non-stick coating provides years of fuss-free cooking performance. The added benefit of the riveted handle provides stability, so when you lift the wok, the handle won’t buckle under pressure – no matter how heavy the food contents are. Flat Base for Even Heat Distribution With this professional wok, you can enjoy that smoking ‘wok hei’ taste that comes from fast, high-temperature cooking. The flat base on the wok helps distribute the heat from your hob evenly, which is helped along by the excellent heat retention properties of ceramic. This means your stir fries are cooked thoroughly and to perfection. Impressive Non-Stick Performance – with No BPA The nano silica non-stick coating provides outstanding non-stick performance, while being 100% free from BPA, PFOA and PTFE. It’s completely food-safe and makes light work of frying and cleaning. Useful Information — Suitable for gas, solid plate, halogen, ceramic, radiant ring and induction hobs — Grill and oven safe to 220 degrees Celsius (428 degrees Fahrenheit) — Dishwasher safe — Comes with the MasterClass 15 year guarantee Looking for a Smaller Wok? MasterClass Professional is a range of kitchen tools and accessories designed for professional chefs, as well as home cooks who will only settle for the best. The collection also includes two smaller versions of this wok. Why not add to your collection with the 20 cm (MCWOK20) or 24.5 cm (MCWOK26) varieties today?


  • PROFESSIONAL STANDARD: features a ceramic core and a 100% PFOA, PTFE and BPA-free non-stick coating
  • SUPER STURDY: made of carbon steel with a riveted handle, it's perfect for busy kitchens
  • HARDWEARING NANO-SILICA NON-STICK: it's durable enough for metal utensils and makes clean-ups easy
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL HEAT SOURCES: it's induction safe and oven safe to 220°C (428°F)
  • USEFUL INFO: measures 30cm (12") wide. Includes MasterClass's 15 year guarantee


  • Colour Black
  • Material Carbon Steel
  • Size 50.000 x 30.000 x 10.500
  • SKU: MCWOK30