MasterClass Measuring Cup Set


About this product

Give your cooking and baking a trendy vintage touch with these copper-finished measuring cups by Master Class. Their combination of stainless steel and a glimmering copper finish looks fabulous, and they come in American sizes, so they’re great for following recipes from the States. You get four cup measures in the set, ranging from ¼ cup to one cup. Along with the matching spoons, they’re everything you need for quick and easy volume measurements. A real hassle-saver! Tarnish Proof Stainless Steel Underneath their copper exterior is a core of high-quality, food-safe stainless steel. As well as looking great, stainless steel is odour and tarnish-resistant, so they’re ideal for measuring coloured or spicy ingredients. It makes them easy to clean too, with no taste or odour transfer between bakes. Precise Control The cups feature built-in pouring spouts, so you can easily measure liquids and pour them straight into your bowl or pan. Their looped handles are strong but lightweight, for precise control. Handy Storage Ring These stylish cups come strung together on a little storage ring. As well as ensuring they stay neatly together, this lets you hang them up on a utensil rack or hook. The cups nest together too, which is really handy for storing them in a drawer. Useful Information — Includes ¼ cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup and one cup measures — Hand-wash only — With a 5 year guarantee Matching Measuring Spoons Available Metallic copper is a big trend in kitchens and homes. Give your kitchen toolkit a fashionable lift with the matching set of measuring spoons by Master Class. To find them, search product code MCMSPNCOP.


  • AN ELEGANT ESSENTIAL: bring vintage luxury to everyday bakes with these handsome copper-finished measuring cups
  • IDEAL FOR AMERICAN RECIPES: includes four US-style cup measures, ranging from one-quarter to one cup
  • HIGH QUALITY: they're made of odour and tarnish-resistant stainless steel
  • EXTRA FEATURES: with lightweight looped handles for easy control, plus convenient pouring spouts
  • USEFUL INFO: storage ring included. Five year guarantee. Matching measuring spoons available


  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Size 16.500 x 8.400 x 6.500