MasterClass Non-Stick Hard Anodised 42cm Roasting Pan


About this product

Made of hard anodised aluminium with a durable non-stick coating, the 42 cm MasterClass Professional Non-Stick Hard Anodised Roasting Tin is an extremely hard-wearing kitchen essential. And thanks to aluminium’s outstanding heat absorption and distribution properties, it delivers evenly cooked, crisply roasted results every time. Versatile, scratch-proof and anti-warp, you can use this roasting pan with confidence at home, or in a fast-paced commercial kitchen. At 42 x 31 cm (16½” x 12”) with a depth of 6.5 cm (2½”), this tin is great for larger roasts. It’s big enough to handle a large turkey, big joints of beef or lamb, or dinner party portions of roast veg. Superior Heat Distribution This roasting tin is made of aluminium that has undergone an intensive hard anodising process. Aluminium quickly absorbs the heat from your oven quickly before distributing the heat more evenly than steel or other common bakeware materials. Because heat is transferred efficiently, you don’t end up with the ‘hot spots’ that prevent food cooking consistently. Instead you get evenly roasted food, without the guesswork. Scratch-Proof, Warp-Resistant Anodised Finish The pan's surface won't scratch, buckle or warp, even with regular use. The hard anodising process makes the aluminium pan twice as strong as stainless steel. It’s so tough, you can use metal utensils without worrying about nicks or scratches. As well as being great for roasting meats, poultry and vegetables, this roasting pan is also great for preparing gravies and jus on a stove top. Thanks to its anti-warp design, you can use it on most types of direct heat source. Three Layers of Teflon Advanced Non-Stick With its Teflon Select non-stick coating, this roasting tin releases food really quickly and easily. Teflon Select is DuPont’s advanced non-stick, with a minimum thickness of 35 microns. This ensures the non-stick finish offers maximum durability, as well as outstanding non-stick performance. You can just lift your meat or poultry away from the surface, ready to serve with perfect presentation. Useful Information — Suitable for use with multiple direct heat sources, including: oven, gas, electric, solid fuel, ceramic and halogen — Easy-to-clean non-stick finish — Dishwasher safe — Protected by MasterClass's 25 year guarantee The MasterClass Professional Hard Anodised Collection The MasterClass Professional non-stick hard anodised 42 x 31 cm roasting tin helps you roast meats, poultry and vegetables that look and taste delicious. You can combine it with the slightly smaller version in the range to create a hard-wearing roasting collection. The 37 x 26.5 cm (MCCHA4NS) roasting tin is ideal if you're cooking for a group, or when there's a second type of meat or poultry on the menu.


  • HIGH-QUALITY ALUMINIUM ROASTING PAN: features outstanding heat distribution properties for evenly roasted meat and veg
  • TWICE AS STRONG AS STAINLESS STEEL: it's warp and scratch resistant, even with metal utensils
  • SUITABLE FOR DIRECT HEAT USE: you can use it to make gravy on stovetops
  • TEFLON SELECT NON-STICK COATING: it offers three layers of durable non-stick protection
  • USEFUL INFO: protected by MasterClass's 25 year guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Aluminium
  • Size 42.000 x 32.000 x 6.600