MasterClass Safety Cutting Glove


About this product

Professional chefs know that safety is the key to a successful kitchen. So keep yours running swiftly and safely, with this ingenious, cut-resistant cooking glove. This ultra-tough kitchen helper is made of UHMPE fibre, a type of woven resin that’s designed for intense, demanding situations. It offers excellent cut resistance, but is stretchy and breathable, so your fingers remain nimble, and you can enjoy a firm grip on tools and ingredients. Use it whenever you work with blades, whether you’re speed-slicing with a sharp knife, using a mandolin slicer, or simply peeling or grating. You’ll drastically reduce the risk of cuts, so nothing can get in the way of your recipe. It comes with a 12-month guarantee.


  • UNBEATABLE PROTECTION: they're CE certified and achieved the best possible tear-resistance rating in EN388 tests
  • EXPERT TECHNOLOGY: 95% UHMPE fibre provides excellent cut and abrasion resistance, without loss of dexterity
  • FOR FOOD PREP AND MORE: stay safe when using knives, graters and mandolines
  • A SECOND SKIN: this kitchen safety glove is lightweight, stretchy, breathable, and grips effectively
  • MORE FEATURES: this machine-washable cooking glove is also food safe and hypoallergenic. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Grey
  • Material Polyester
  • Size 23.000 x 12.500 x 1.000