MasterClass Set of Gift-Boxed Cast Aluminium Shallow Casserole Dishes, Grey Ombre, 28cm/4Litre, 28cm/5Litre

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About this product

From slow-cooked beef stews to Christmas ‘leftover’ casseroles – MasterClass's casserole dishes make cooking hearty favourites easier than ever. Built from high-quality cast aluminium, they absorb heat quickly and distribute it evenly. The result? Fast, even cooking every time. These clever casserole pans are designed for use in the oven or on the stove, so they’re suitable for all sorts of recipes (as well as reheating leftovers!). They’re heat resistant to 200°C (392°F), and have a stainless steel base that makes them work on all hobs, including induction. The icing on the cake? A self-basting lid, which keeps your stews deliciously flavoursome, plus a super-strong anti-scratch coating that ensures years of trouble-free use. That’s MasterClass quality.


  • REVOLUTIONARY CAST ALUMINIUM: conducts heat quickly like cast iron, but is lighter for easier handling
  • IMPRESSIVE STRENGTH: with two protective layers, these casserole dishes offers excellent non-stick, scratch-resistant performance
  • HOB TO OVEN: the stainless steel base is safe for all heat sources (induction/ovens included)
  • PRO FEATURES: self-basting lid locks in flavours, while sturdy side handles make for easy lifting
  • USEFUL INFO: Twenty five year guarantee