MasterClass Spare Dish Brush Heads

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About this product

It's hard to get anything done in a messy kitchen: especially when you're left without the tools you need. However, with these premium washing up sponges you'll be able to have your MasterClass soap dispensing dish brush (MCSOAPDBRUSH) back to its high-performance best. Each pack includes three replacement dish cleaning sponges, just like those included with your original washing up brush. This means they offer all the durability needed to scrub and scour your washing up completely clean. And they're anti-scratch too – perfect for cleaning non-stick coated cookware, fragile ceramic dinnerware and delicate glassware.


  • REPLACEMENT SPONGES: return your MasterClass soap dispensing dish brush to its best
  • PACK INCLUDES... three anti-scratch washing-up sponges designed to fit the MasterClass soap dispenser brush
  • EXPERT CLEANING QUALITY: these sponges are perfect for scrubbing pots, pans and other cooking surfaces
  • ANTI-SCRATCH: soft and gentle, they're ideal for cleaning delicate non-stick surfaces, fragile ceramics and glassware
  • MASTERCLASS SOAP DISPENSER BRUSH: the compatible soap dispensing brush has 'MCSOAPDBRUSH' listed on its packaging


  • Material Plastic
  • Size 6.000 x 6.000 x 4.000