MasterClass Stainless Steel Egg Topper


About this product

Boiled eggs are a delicious, healthy breakfast classic. But while they might be easy to make, it can be really fiddly to remove the top of your egg without ending up with shell in your yolk. Thanks to the Master Class Spring-Loaded Boiled Egg Topper, you can say goodbye to pesky shell residue forever! With a gentle tug of the spring-loaded knob, it creates a precise, clean cut at the top of the egg. No bits of shell, no broken yolk – just a delicious, drippy boiled egg without the hassle! Rest assured you won't have to deal with bits of shell in your breakfast for a while as this egg topper is covered by Masterclass' five-year guarantee.


  • THE PERFECT CUT: remove tops from your boiled eggs without leaving shell in the yolk
  • PULL THE SPRING-LOADED KNOB: it simply removes the shell, while keeping your yolk intact
  • HASSLE FREE: it's easy to enjoy boiled eggs, or crack raw eggs for baking
  • VERSATILE: it's suitable for most medium or large chicken eggs
  • USEFUL INFO: made of stainless steel. Includes MasterClass's five year guarantee


  • Colour Silver
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Size 3.8 x 3.8 x 13.2