MasterClass Vitreous Enamel Baking Tray


About this product

The 24 cm MasterClass Professional Vitreous Enamel Baking Tray's combination of premium-grade steel and tough vitreous enamel helps you to achieve culinary excellence time and time again. Its robust steel core is finished with a hardwearing vitreous enamel layer, so it will last for years with proper care. It’s even suitable for busy commercial kitchens. The oven tray measures 24 x 18 cm (9½” x 7”). With its smaller size, it’s fantastic for cooking and roasting individual portions of food, or baking small batches of cookies and biscuits. It's also ideal for separating different types of food in your oven - i.e. vegetarian courses from meat dishes. No Warping, Scratching or Flaking – Guaranteed If properly cared for, this baking tray won’t warp or buckle, even under the grill. And it’s so scratch resistant, you can confidently use metal utensils with it too. This is thanks to its highly durable combination of smart materials. Made of the same carbon steel used in MasterClass’s main bakeware range, the tray is then coated with a super-strong layer of vitreous enamel. In other words, it’s a tray that helps you cook with confidence. And for extra peace of mind, it comes with a 25 year guarantee. Induction-Safe The tray’s robust construction means it’s compatible with just about any heat source, including direct flames and induction hobs. This makes it perfect for heating food on the stovetop, or grilling and caramelising under the grill. More Features — Measures 24 x 18 cm (9½” x 7”) — Dishwasher safe — Inclined edges to stop food slipping off — With MasterClass's 25 year guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials The MasterClass Professional Vitreous Enamel Collection Premium performance with exceptional results designed to last – MasterClass Professional’s Vitreous Enamel collection features an extensive selection of durable bakeware products made of carbon steel with a tough enamel finish. Looking for more hardwearing bakeware? Why not combine your small vitreous baking pan with the larger 39 x 27 x 2 cm (MCVITHB3) version to keep portions of food separated from each other?


  • SUPERIOR BAKING: tough steel core and vitreous enamel coating mean it will last for years
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY: this heavy-duty baking tray won't warp or buckle, even under your grill
  • INDUCTION SAFE: designed for home or commercial kitchens, it's suitable for all heat sources
  • TOUGH VITREOUS ENAMEL: this finish provides excellent scratch resistance, even if you're using metal utensils
  • USEFUL INFO: dishwasher safe. Includes a 25 year guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Steel
  • Size 24 x 18 x 1.7