MasterClass Wooden Spiked Carving Board


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About this product

Enjoy greater control and less mess when carving meat for serving. The centre of this MasterClass carving board is studded with wooden spikes to keep your meat or poultry firmly in place as you carve. It also features a concave design to collect any meat juices, so you can use them to make full-flavoured gravies. With its beautiful natural wood finish and large size, it makes a fantastic table piece centrepiece for family dinners and Sunday lunches! Useful Information — Measures 46 x 36 x 2 cm (18" x 14" x 1") — Hand-wash only — Comes with a 5 year guarantee Spiked Base for Controlled Carving Carving your roast up into even portions is really easy thanks to this meat carving board's spiked base. It holds you meat firmly in place to make it easier (and safer) to slice with a sharp carving knife. Durable Rubberwood Construction This board is crafted from durable rubberwood, which makes it more than tough enough to withstand the rigours of regular use. Reversible - Carve on One Side, Chop on the Other If you flip this board over, you can use it to prepare the veg too. It’s only spiked on one side, so it doubles up as a smart wooden cutting board. Perfect for Carving Larger Joints and Small Birds Whether it's leg of lamb, beef brisket or a small whole roasted chicken on the menu, this wooden carving board is the perfect size for portioning up your roasts for serving. It measures 46 x 36 x 2 cm (18" x 14" x 1"). It's great for slicing up large loaves of bread too. Let No Meat Juice Go to Waste With its concave design, this carving board collects juices as they drip down. This means you don't have to worry about them running off the sides and causing mess. Better still, you can put all those gorgeous flavours to good use when making gravies and sauces! The MasterClass Collection MasterClass has all the tools you need to serve the a succulent roast. Why not combine this meat carving board with the two-piece traditional carving set (MCCARVESET2PC) and make your own carving collection?


  • BEAUTIFUL AND PRACTICAL: this attractive wooden board is ideal for carving at the dinner table
  • CONTROLLED CARVING: spikes keep roasts firmly in place as you slice for easier, safer carving
  • LESS MESS: the concave base collects juices, ready to pour away or turn into gravy
  • VERSATILE SIZE: carve large joints and small birds on this one-size-fits-all 46 x 36cm board
  • MASTERCLASS QUALITY: made of tough rubberwood, the board comes with a five year guarantee


  • Colour Brown
  • Material Rubber Wood
  • Size 46.000 x 36.000 x 2.000