Rabbit Bundle with Electric Preserver Set and Chrome Wing Corkscrew


Worth: £75.48

About this product

Open and preserve your favourite wines easily with this Rabbit bundle that includes a wing corkscrew and an electric preserver set. The wing corkscrew is essential for wine lovers everywhere. The humble corkscrew just received a sleek upgrade — not only is it one good-looking wine tool, but this chrome wing corkscrew also combines efficient functionality with a high-quality finish. The corkscrew’s non-stick stainless steel spiral plunges into corks quickly and easily, helped by the stabilising clamp-on base of the corkscrew. It won’t rotate as you grip and turn the coated handle, either, for seamless bottle opening. The chrome-plated zinc wings are shorter than standard corkscrews, making them easier to grip. And when contrasted with the matte black body, this chrome wing corkscrew makes a stunning addition to any bar or tabletop. The electric preserver allows wine to stay fresh for up to a week. When you’ve opened a bottle of sublime pinot noir or Riesling, you shouldn’t feel obliged to finish the whole bottle in one sitting. Drink at your own pace and savour every drop, knowing you can keep the remaining wine fresh and delicious using this electric wine preserver. At the push of a button, this electric pump stops oxidation in its tracks, drawing a vacuum inside your wine bottle. It really couldn’t be easier to use. Simply pop one of the two air-tight stoppers inside, attach and activate the electric pump, and enjoy just-opened freshness for up to a week.


  • Set includes 1 x Rabbit Chrome Wing Corkscrew; 1 x Rabbit Electric Preserver Set
  • The wing corkscrew clamps onto bottle tops and push the handle for rotation-free cork removal
  • The wing corkscrew features a non-stick spiral
  • The pump included in the preserver set creates a vacuum inside bottles with a single button press