Sweetly Does It Silicone Paper Baking Roll


About this product

Help your gooey chocolate chip cookies and fluffy meringues make a smooth transition from baking tray to plate, with this non-stick, greaseproof baking parchment. One side of the roll is coated with silicone to make it non-stick, so your baked goods simply slide off without crumbling or getting damaged. This makes foods such as sugar biscuits and macarons much easier to decorate and assemble as they will have a nice smooth surface. It cuts down on mess dramatically, too. Even if your food gets a little burnt you won’t have to scrub at your tins to get them clean.


  • A PORTABLE NON-STICK: this silicone baking paper ensures food always slides easily out of trays
  • NO GREASING: simply cut to size to stop food sticking and help look after bakeware
  • PERFECT PRESENTATION: it's ideal for delicate meringues, ready-to-decorate cakes, and other bakes that need TLC
  • VERSATILE: use it to cook chips and fish fillets too, or even for rolling sushi
  • USEFUL INFO: includes 10m of baking paper. Measures 30cm wide. Heat resistant to 220°C


  • Colour White
  • Material Paper
  • Size 4.6 x 4.5 x 30