500mls Gin
1 Orange
1 Cinnamon stick


Use a vegetable peeler to remove two strips of rind and keep them to one side. Be careful not to remove the white pith with it as the pith is what makes citrus fruits bitter.

Keep halving the orange until you have eight slices. Use a sharp knife to carefully cut along the orange segments where the fruit meets the pith and discard the pith.

Place the orange rind and fruit into a large sterilised jar, top up with the gin and add a cinnamon stick. Store in a cool, dark place, remembering to shake the jar once a day.

On the third day pour the mixture through a fine sieve into a jug, then pour straight into a sterile glass bottle. Don’t squeeze the fruit mix when passing through the sieve, allow it to stand and drip through.

Enjoy with cold tonic water and plenty of ice. Garnish with more orange rind and a cinnamon stick. 

Products used

MasterClass Cast Heavy Duty 'Y' Shaped Peeler
Home Made Glass 1 Litre Preserving Jar
Home Made 500ml Cordial Bottle
KitchenCraft 7cm Tinned Conical Sieve