Serves 4 


4 chicken breasts (160g each )

2 tbsp of olive oil 

2 tbsp of tikka curry powder 

1 tbsp of dried mint 

2 red onions peeled and cut into 1/4’s 

6 whole tomatoes 

4 sweet potatoes peeled and cut into wedges 

1 lemon 

2 tbsp of olive oil 

Salt and pepper for seasoning 

To garnish:

1 handful of fresh herbs such as mint or parsley 

4 tbsp of plain yogurt 


Make 6 small cuts into the top of each chicken breast before drizzling with olive oil and sprinkling with the curry powder and dried mint on both sides. 

Transfer the chicken into a deep roasting tray, then add the red quarters, whole tomatoes, sweet potato and lemon wedges. 

Drizzle with a little more olive oil, season with salt and pepper, then cook in the oven for 45 minutes at 180c or until the chicken is fully cooked and the vegetables are tender.

Remove from the oven when cooked and garnish with the fresh herbs and yogurt. 

Product Used:

MasterClass Edgekeeper Self-Sharpening 20cm (8") Chef Knife

MasterClass Large Anti-Slip Chopping Board

MasterClass Premium Quality Stainless Steel 250ml Oil Drizzler

MasterClass Smart Space Seven-Piece Stacking Non-Stick Baking & Roasting Set