Spring and Autumn as well as being the best time to sow seeds is also the perfect time to enjoy either that first sniff of sunshine or last glimpse of refreshing blue skies. So let’s make the most it…..and get everyone involved.

Armour the little ones with their very own kit and they will never want to stop. Work together, sharing the delights of producing something you will actually be able to eat is quite a marvel and the perfect way to enjoy some fun family time. Choose seeds together, grow something a little different, maybe red carrots, sprouting broccoli, or black tomatoes? Grow a Bean Teepee for a hidey hole for them to sit under, which will also provide fresh green beans for dinner some months later.

Dig up buried treasure in the form of vegetables. Work out clever defences against slimy slugs and encourage them to enjoy the great outdoors whilst getting exercise, fresh air and lessons in how the eco-system works. It doesn’t always have to be about digging, perhaps have a few wheel barrow races and when Dad is tired, perhaps swop places and see if the kids can lift Daddy!

Once you have introduced them to the basics, sit back and be amazed as their interest in nature comes to life. From planting the first seed, to seeing their pride and sense of achievement when they harvest their crops. Forget the washing as they play with mud and be enthralled at their wonder when studying creepy crawlies up close. A muddy kid is a happy kid after all.

What better way to introduce the idea of healthy eating to your children than the whole family planting, picking and eating their own fresh produce. And best of all, the TV is off.

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