August 4th, 2021

Tips on throwing the best Afternoon Tea Party with Masterclass

Gather your friends and family for a delightful afternoon with some Afternoon Tea and maybe a tipple. Definitely a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. Obviously you would still have to keep the option of having tea and coffee available as well but champagne is the perfect combination to make afternoon tea that little bit extra. The best thing about throwing your own afternoon tea party is you can stick to your own budget and you are able to choose your own finger food.

Here are some top tips for you when throwing an afternoon tea party.


It is key that when your guests arrive you offer them a selection of drinks. Whether that be tea, coffee, orange juice, water, cocktails or champagne. Providing a selection of teas is also helpful as a lot of people prefer fruity tea over normal tea now a days. Providing a fresh drink for those summery days is always a nice touch so why not offer some freshly squeezed orange juice Made using our MasterClass Deluxe Chrome Plated Lever-Arm Juicer? Perfect in a summery cocktail, or even just on its own!

To put that orange juice to good use, why not try our summer sangria recipe. 


Now you have the drinks sorted, you have to create the perfect atmosphere. To have a nice spread you will need to create the scene. For a touch of Luxury, serve your goodies on our lovely MasterClass Gourmet Prep & Serve Wood & Marble Paddle Board.


It’s always a good idea to prep the filling in advance and assemble just before your guests arrive as this will prevent any soggy sarnies.


Scones are essential when it comes to that traditional British Afternoon Tea. Whether that is plain, fruit, cheese or something untraditional. For a personal touch, you could even make your own jam for the scones, this will definitely go down a treat!


Individual little portions of cakes always go down a treat as people like bite size portions. Loaf cakes are perfect for this as people can choose how much/little they would like. Why not have a go at making this stunning Lemon and Rose Drizzle cake?! This cake was made using our MasterClass Non-Stick 3lb Loaf Pan

We hope your afternoon tea party is a huge success. We would love to see pictures from your day. Tag @masterclassuk in your pictures. Enjoy!