Artesà Presentation Set with Mango Wood Paddle Serving Board and Acacia Wood with Slate Serving Board


Worth: £53.98

About this product

Impress your guests at the dinner table with this presentation set from Artesà. It includes a mango wood paddle serving board alongside an acacia wood and slate serving board. This carefully curated range of food preparation and serving equipment combines artisan craftsmanship with a high-end design aesthetic. The mango wood serving board is perfect for displaying cheese, antipasti or desserts. The serving board is made from mango wood, which is a more sustainable option. The brass-coloured lettering that reads ‘EAT’ adds a unique touch to the serving board, and lets your guests know exactly what to do! When it comes to storing away, the serving board has a handy rope to attach from hooks or hanging racks. The acacia wood with a slate serving board is a set that comes in two pieces. An acacia wood base and a slate platter slot together to create an elegant, modern-style serving tray that beautifully shows off the natural grain of the wood, and the rustic, unfinished edges of the slate. You can also remove the slate platter, and use the pieces separately for twice the serving space. The wooden tray looks great piled with artisan bread, while the inherently cool slate is a natural match for cheese, antipasti or desserts. The serving set is charming, unique and impressive all at once, so it’s a great way to make guests feel special at a dinner party or to make family meals even more memorable. When it’s not in use, hang the wooden tray by its leather strap, and turn it into a beautiful wall decoration.


  • Artesà Serving Set includes: 1 x Mango Wood Paddle Serving Board; 1 x Acacia Wood with Slate Serving Board
  • Made of hygienic, non-stick-safe silicone with comfortable rubber handles
  • The mango wood paddle combines natural mango wood with brass-look lettering
  • The acacia wood with slate serving create a gorgeous contrast of textures
  • The presentation boards come fitted with a rustic rope loop for hanging