BarCraft Set of 4 Glass Port Sippers


About this product

Any port connoisseur will tell you there’s only one way to enjoy this beautiful fortified wine – with traditional port sippers. Port oxidises when exposed to air, so by drinking from the bottom of the glass first, you’ll be treated to the richest, fullest flavours that have been protected by the liquid above. This beautiful set is BarCraft’s take on this port-sipping essential. These handsome, hand-blown port glasses have all the hallmarks of the classic ‘pipe snifter’ design: a snaking glass tube for easy sipping, a billowed shape to trap fragrances, and stabilising feet so you can rest between sips, and really savour the flavour.


  • PORT THE TRADITIONAL WAY: sip port with these traditional sippers and enjoy fuller flavours
  • HOW IT WORKS: by preventing air reaching the alcohol, the flavour remains pure and unaffected
  • HAND-BLOWN: with beautiful flowing shapes, they will suit any dinner party or relaxing evening in
  • STABLE: moulded feet keep them stable on the tabletop, for spill-free enjoyment
  • USEFUL INFO: comes gift boxed as a set of four. Dishwasher safe. Five year guarantee


  • Capacity 90ML
  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Glass
  • Size 7.000 x 6.500 x 9.000