BarCraft Stainless Steel Double Walled Wine Cooler


About this product

Boasting a stunning brushed steel effect finish and a stylishly minimal BarCraft motif, this single bottle wine cooler will be a firm favourite among everyday wine lovers, and occasional party-hosts alike. This elegant, functional chiller makes a fetching table centrepiece. It enlivens a classic design with a contemporary twist, adding a whisper of modern luxury to homes of any décor. And it’s far from just ornamental. An insulating double layer of premium stainless steel maintains wines at their optimum temperature, for maximum flavour and enjoyment without ice. Slip a pre-chilled bottle inside, and for up to two hours, pinot grigio stays beautifully crisp, champagne truly sparkles, and light, delicate beaujolais reds take on an exquisite, slightly chilled freshness. Enjoy alongside fresh picnics or dine outdoors on a summer evening– or indeed, all year round.


  • FUNCTION MEETS STYLE: this elegantly practical stainless steel wine cooler delivers on both fronts
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES: rid your get-togethers of lukewarm wine, condensation rings and needless fridge trips
  • INSULATING DOUBLE WALLS: wines maintain their chill with no need for ice or batteries
  • VERY ELEGANT: brushed stainless steel showcases wines beautifully, making any event a tasteful affair
  • USEFUL INFO: suitable for most still/sparkling bottles. Gift boxed. Dishwasher safe. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Silver
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Size 12.500 x 12.500 x 19.500