Colourworks 3 Piece Green Acrylic Measuring Jug Set


About this product

The Colourworks Green Three Piece Measuring Jug Set features three handily-sized transparent measuring jugs, fantastic for a variety of tasks around the kitchen. This set includes a 200 ml jug, a 400 ml jug and a 900 ml jug. Each jug is clearly marked with fluid ounce (fl oz), millilitre (ml), pint (p) and cup (c) measurements, making it easy to easily follow recipes – even those featuring American measurements. So, you can save loads of time on converting or working out the equivalents.

Comfortable to hold, each measuring jug in this set features a red soft-grip handle. Whether you’re blending the ingredients for a simple vinaigrette in the smallest jug or using the 400 ml jug to whip up cream, there’s no need to worry about dropping these jugs with their safe grips. With clear measurement markings against the transparent background, it is easy to se the correct measure and also check that ingredients have been fully mixed or dissolved. The jugs are also very easy to clean. You can either pop them on your dishwasher’s top shelf, or hand wash them with warm water. The perfect space saver for kitchen shelves or cupboards, you can also handily stack each of these jugs inside of each other. What’s more, this set comes with a five year guarantee too!

With the Kitchen Craft Colourworks range, you can easily combine or contrast to bring a brilliant burst of colour to your kitchen. Choose from hundreds of tools and accessories in green or one of our 10 other gorgeous shades today!


  • MIX AND MEASURE: get your recipe ingredient amounts right with this three-piece measuring jug set
  • CLEARLY MARKED: each transparent acrylic jug features easy-to-follow cup, fluid ounce, millilitre and pint measures
  • SOFT-GRIP HANDLES: they're comfortable to hold and finished in green, bringing some colour to cooking
  • STACKABLE DESIGN: stand them inside one another to save space inside your cupboards
  • USEFUL INFO: includes 200ml, 400ml and 900ml jugs. Dishwasher safe (top rack). Five year guarantee


  • Colour Green
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 18 x 10.4 x 16