Creative Tops Green Tile Work Surface Protector


About this product

Introduce some striking grandeur to your kitchen's work surfaces, while keeping them free from marks and scratches. The 'Tiles' multi-functional glass board boasts an almost ornamental quality that's sure to catch the eye during everyday cooking and baking sessions. This patterned worktop protector features a stunning display of tiles. Each tile features exotic geometric patterns in harmonious blends of white, teal and midnight blue with tiny specks of golden yellow. It's very versatile too: use it to prep ingredients or collect vegetable peelings, rest spoons between stirs, roll pastry or bread dough, or you could even present cheese to guests a dinner parties.


  • EXOTIC GRANDEUR: this Green Tile worktop saver boasts an exquisite look and a practical design
  • TOUGHENED GLASS: use this worktop protector to prepare ingredients, rest spoons mid-recipe, and much more
  • GREEN TILES DESIGN: a print of geometric patterned tiles repeats, creating a grand ornamental display
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: delight guests with delicious sweet treats, beautifully served. It makes a great serving board
  • USEFUL INFO: its cool surface is ideal for working pastry too. Measures 40 x 30cm


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Glass
  • Size 30 x 40 x 0.5
  • SKU: C000329