KitchenCraft 100g Mini Freezer Blocks


About this product

Taking perishables to work in your lunchbox? Want a cool can of (diet) pop to refresh yourself after a punishing gym workout? Make sure you’re not left unsatisfied with warm drinks and sweaty sandwiches, and pack these effective lunch box ice packs. Simply chill the packs in your freezer, and pop them in your lunchbox before you set out, to enjoy ice cold results. The miniature size means they’ll slot into just about any box or bag, so they’re really handy for daily trips and commutes. These reliable and durable freezer blocks can also be used alongside larger blocks to help keep cool bags at a chill-out temperature.


  • MAX OUT YOUR CHILL: keep lunches extra cool with this two-pack of 100g ice packs
  • VERSATILE: use them in lunch cooler bags or lunch boxes, or to chill frozen groceries
  • COMPACT: two larger sizes (400g and 500g) are also available for larger cool bags
  • SAFE AND ROBUST: with puncture-resistant plastic exteriors, heat-sealed leakproof caps, and 100% non-toxic liquid interiors
  • EASY TO USE: simply chill in your freezer before use. Twelve month guarantee included


  • Colour Blue
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 6.7 x 3.3 x 7.8