KitchenCraft 2-in-1 Plug and Sink Strainer


About this product

It’s unsightly and costly, so let’s put an end to it. Blocked sinks, that is! Instead of dealing with yucky bits of soggy food, simply pop this 2-in-1 plug and strainer in your sink and wave goodbye to stinky sinks and clogged pipes. The gridded plastic strainer is designed to catch food particles or bathroom hair, while letting water flow freely through. This helps avoid clogged pipes and potentially bank-busting plumber bills. And when you’re done you can simply take the strainer to the bin to easily dispose of the gunk. Better still, the plastic lid acts as a plug, so you save yourself the hassle of removing the strainer whenever you want to plug the sink. It’s great as a replacement plug, too, if you’ve lost the original.


  • PREVENT BLOCKED PIPES: this two-in-one plug and sink strainer helps stop blockages before they start
  • PLASTIC GRID: it catches large food particles and hair, preventing unsightly sinks and dodgy smells
  • LID ACTS AS A PLUG: if the strainer fits your sink, the plug works too
  • RUST-FREE PLASTIC: it's very durable, and has a soft coating that's gentle on sink surfaces
  • USEFUL INFO: this drainer fits most kitchen and bathroom sinks. Dishwasher safe. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Grey
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 11.500 x 11.500 x 4.000