KitchenCraft Chrome Plated Large Wire Dish Drainer


About this product

Washing up: the job we all love to hate and hate to do. Invest in this budget dish drainer, though, and you can at least cut out some of the hassle, mess and stress. This great-value washing up rack is made of robust, shiny, chrome-plated wire. It’s a classic design that works just as well in cottage kitchens and modern condominiums. And best of all, the wire slats help air circulate and encourage water to drip away, so dishes dry fast and you avoid the nasty odours that happen when water hangs around. This is KitchenCraft’s large model. Its wide, spacious design makes it ideal for those big family washing up jobs (just try to crack Christmas without it!). For a compact, space-saving alternative, search the product code KCDISHDL instead.


  • THE CLASSIC WASHING UP ESSENTIAL: a high-quality, great-value dish drainer with built-in plate/bowl racks
  • SPACIOUS: this large model is ideal for families, and a must for Christmas gatherings
  • HYGIENIC: gaps let air circulate and water drain for a hygienic, odour-free washing up experience
  • RAISED FEET: they keep it in place, and stop those messy, icky water puddles
  • USEFUL INFO: made of stylish chrome-plated wire. Comes with a 12 month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Chrome-Plated Metal
  • Size 47.800 x 33.000 x 8.700