KitchenCraft Large Single Non-Stick Egg Poacher Cup


About this product

Enjoy healthy delicious poached eggs, hassle free, with this large non-stick egg poacher from KitchenCraft. Its cupped shape and clever hook takes out all the trickery and makes poaching eggs quick and simple. This poaching cup has a hooked handle that attaches to the side of your saucepan, and cradles your egg as it cooks. No need to swirl the water or add vinegar – just simmer water, add a little oil to the poacher, crack an egg in and – voila! You’ll have a perfect poached egg in a matter of minutes.When it’s done, simply grab the hooked handle to lift the egg out safely and easily. Time to wash up? Here’s the best bit: the poacher cup has a non-stick coating that makes clean-up really easy. Any residual egg residue just slides off under a little warm water. Now all that’s left to do is to enjoy your runny, yummy poached egg. It’ll come out perfect every time, whether you’re making eggs benedict for breakfast or poaching eggs for a salad.


  • NO HASSLE, NO MESS: cook easy poached eggs - no fussy techniques or vinegar required
  • HANGING HOOK: this egg poacher rests on saucepan rims to let your egg cook gently
  • EASY REMOVAL: when it's cooked, simply lift by the handle and scoop out the egg
  • NON-STICK COATING: it releases your egg with ease, and makes cleaning up a cinch
  • USEFUL INFO: this metal egg poacher is dishwasher safe and includes a 12 month guarantee


  • Material Metal
  • Size 7.200 x 7.200 x 10.000