KitchenCraft Stainless Steel Egg Topper


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About this product

It might wake you up, but burning your fingers on boiled eggs in the morning is not an ideal way to start the day. Let alone then having to fish out bits of shell from your egg yolk. Remove the hassle from your breakfast routine with this easy-to-use egg topper. Simply place the topper over hard or soft-boiled eggs, and squeeze the handles like a pair of scissors. With a quick twist, the top lifts off, leaving a precisely cut hole that’s just right for dippy soldiers. And the best bit? You won’t end up with fragments of shell getting in the way of your boiled-egg breakfast!


  • LOVE A BOILED EGG, but hate the fiddly shell-cracking part? Use this easy egg topper!
  • CRACK EGG TOPS without burning fingers or leaving pesky shell bits in the yolk
  • FAST AND EASY: just place it over the egg, squeeze the handles, twist, and lift!
  • PRECISELY CRACKS small-to-medium soft or hard-boiled chicken eggs, removing just enough shell for dippy eggs
  • QUICK, ONE-HANDED OPERATION: it may be suitable for those with hand/wrist mobility problems


  • Colour Silver
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Size 10.000 x 8.000 x 1.000