La Cafetière 2-in-1Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper - 58mm / 52mm


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About this product

If you love espresso, you can't go without a good, sturdy metal coffee tamper. This double-sided model is designed to fit many popular espresso makers – it packs a 58mm and 52mm coffee tamper into one attractive, easy-to-use tool. Lost the tamper that came with your espresso machine or stovetop espresso maker? It makes for a nifty, versatile replacement. Never heard of one? Here's how it works. You simply fill your machine with coffee as usual, then use this gadget to compress the grounds into a flavour-packed puck. This slows the flow of water, allowing more of those aromatic oils to reach your cup. It's quick and easy, and you'll really taste the difference. The tamper is made of robust, rust-resistant stainless steel, with a decent weight and an attractive mirror-polished finish. Its tall, sweeping shape – with a flat tamper at each end – makes it easy to hold and adds even more visual appeal. Includes one stainless steel espresso tamper in recyclable La Cafetière packaging. Dishwasher safe. Covered by a 5-year guarantee. This is a revision and improvement of product SKU KCLXCOFTAMPER.Boost your espresso coffee's flavour with one simple gadget: the La Cafetière stainless steel coffee tamper. Use it with your espresso machine or pot to compress your coffee grounds before brewing. With this easy step you'll slow the flow of the water, allowing for more flavour to be extracted. The result? Espresso that’s full of rich flavour! You get two tampers - one end measures 58 mm (2.2"), the other measures 52 mm (2"). So, they're compatible with lots of different espresso machine filter baskets, as well as stovetop pots. It's made from rust-resistant, easy-to-clean stainless steel. We've even given it a mirror polish finish, so offers lots of durability while giving off a stylish glimmer. Lost the 52mm espresso tamper or 58mm coffee tamper originally packaged with your espresso maker? This one-size-fits-most model makes a great replacement. This is a revision and improvement of product SKU KCLXCOFTAMPER.


  • Ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold
  • Dishwasher safe
  • STAINLESS STEEL: it's robust, rust resistant, and has an attractive mirror-polished finish
  • EASY TO USE: its ergonomic design and decent weight make it easy to compress grounds
  • USEFUL INFO: dishwasher safe; comes with La Cafetière's 5-year guarantee


  • Colour Silver
  • Material Metal
  • Size 5.500 x 5.500 x 9.200